This project is obsolete as the Video4Linux API version 1.


pyv4l - Python bindings for Video4Linux 1

It is not that huge project. It is more the defines from video4linux headers and some helper functions.

Just have a look in the demo program in the source package.
In most cases it uses the usual ioctl function as in C. But there are some helper functions to help with the structures there.
In every submodule you have:

If you need a empty "struct"-tuple just create one with unpack(struct_size*'\0').


Just extract the archive and use python install (or python help for more information about valid options.)


Some generated docu can be found here.

further development

I developed it in February 2001, because I wanted to play a little bit with the video input card. It does all what I need, so it is unlikely that I will develop it to more as you can find here.

The final update was done in November 2008.

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